Letter of invitation






FOR WHOM:  The conference is open to all delegates directly or indirectly involved in activities related to TB, HIV, lung health (asthma, paediatric pneumonia, tobacco control and public health in general).

The Union reserves the right to reject submissions that are not related to the conference.




CONTRIBUTORS:  Should delegates (chairs, speakers, coordinators and abstract authors) request that the session they will be contributing to be mentioned in the letter of invitation, they are invited to enter its full reference in the Comments section of the submission form.


Example:  Symposium 4: Biomarkers for lung diseases, Session N. 00158 (Information specified in the session description sent to each contributor).


For abstract authors, the reference of your abstract is specified in the letter of acceptance confirming your presentation at the conference.




HOW:  Delegates needing a letter of invitation for visa or administrative purposes can submit a request by Clicking Here or at www.worldlunghealth.org


Once you log onto the Union Site, you will be directed to The Union platform where you can select:

'Submission for invitation letter for visa purpose'


Please only submit your request once for a smooth operation of the system.  Multiple submissions will not be processed.


Please pay attention to the information that you enter when submitting your request and respect the format of the submission form.  The data (first name, last name, organisation, address etc) will appear exactly as it has been entered, including any obvious errors.


The format of the date is: DD/MM/YYYY and the punctuation is required in order for the submission to be accepted.


Information should be entered as per your passport information.   Capital letters should only be used for initial characters.  The maximum number of characters allowed (space included) is 55 for the organisation, job title and address fields.




LANGUAGE:  As English, French and Spanish are the the official languages of The Union, letters will be available in these three languages only.




PROCESSING TIME:  An automatic acknowledgement of receipt will be immediately sent to the submitter.  The letter of invitation will be emailed in the 48 hours following the submission. 


Original letters of invitation are sent by postal mail, only upon request.  The reception date depends on your local postal services.  Delegates needing express carrier services should inform the Conference Unit before organising them from their country of residence.  The costs related to express shipping are to be borne by the delegates.  The letters of invitation are to be collected Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 at the following address:


International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease

68, boulevard Saint-Michel

75006 Paris


Contact:  Conference Unit

Email address:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Please ensure that you confirm the pick-up date with the Conference Unit once the shipping has been organised.




ACCOMPANYING PERSONS:   Delegates travelling with accompanying persons should clearly mention this information, with the full name of the accompanying person(s), when submitting their request.  The accompanying persons are requested to submit their own request for a letter of invitation and to mention the name of the delegate they will be accompanying.




DEADLINE:  The deadline for submitting a request for a letter of invitation is 13th October 2011. 


No letter will be processed beyond this date.

Submit your request early for a better planning of your attendance.













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